Buzz Buzzard and the buzzy bee
(Called Aldrin) met high in a tree
The bee said to the buzzard, “Buzz”
The buzzard wuz surprised beecuzz
He’d never meet this little bee
Beeside him in the old beech tree
He asked, “How did you know my name?”
The bee’s reply was still the same
In broguish tones, “Buzz,” mumbled he
(I think he was a bumble bee)
The buzzard, not at all impressed
Complained, “I hate to be addressed
In such an odd familiar tone
By such a puny little drone
All clad in black and yellow fuzz
How dare you!?” Aldrin answered, “Buzz!”
Beewildered, Buzz sat open-beaked
Beelittled, with his ire piqued
And though a raptor norm’ly thrives
This bird of prey came out in hives
Beeside himself, he beefed, “I say!
Beehave in a less beestly way!
You are beeligerent and crass
So typically working class!”
And though he had just met the bee
Beehold! He stooped and ate the bee
Beeleaguered, Aldrin’s last word wuz
A muffled but beefitting “Buzz!”

From “A Flash In The Pun”