Away in the desert just south of San Reno
The lambs were all gambolling in the casino
They got into debt and they got in quite deepish
Bereft of their cash they were left feeling sheepish

The manager came with his colliegues and rounded
Them up as his fist on the table he pounded
“You can’t pull the wool over my eyes,” he boasted
“You lost all your dough now you’re gonna get roasted!”

They stared at the baabarous dogs who had fleeced ’em
Then summoned the alsatian pack who policed ’em
“The sting was a combleat success!” baaked the captain
And laughed at the irons the bad guys were clapped in

That night in the safebarn of Woolness Protection
A kindly old steweard declared with affection
“It’s way pasture bedtime, you should be asleeple
I know you’re excited, but try counting people.”

From “Chryme and Punishment”