He washed my feet and I denied Him
Cowered while they flogged and “tried” Him
My brashness with the cock’s crow banished
My guilt remains, my hope has vanished

He washed my feet, how could I doubt Him?
So depressed, confused without Him
If only He had lived – if only!
But now I’m hopeless, scared and lonely

He washed my feet and I betrayed Him
Counted money while they flayed Him
Silver coins – a paltry thirty
His hands were clean, my money dirty

My conscience screams; my soul’s in panic
Savaged, slashed by beasts Satanic
That dreadful deed – I can’t defend it
My life is hopeless, I must end it

“My hands, my feet, my side, come feel them,”
I brought my wounds and let Him heal them
His death was not the final curtain
My Saviour lives, of that I’m certain!

He held forgiving hands toward me
Gently – three times! – He restored me
My hope’s reborn, my guilt has vanished
He lives, HE LIVES! Sin’s curse is banished!

Today the three disciples’ voices
Echo every person’s choices
Despair for those who spurn, ignore Him
Joy, hope and peace if you adore Him