Snide grave lay smugly satisfied
His belly filled with choicest fare
Two thieves for starters (nothing new)
The main course: God’s own Son and heir

No need for rich desserts tonight
His tongue rejoicing in the taste
Of royal blood – his plate swabbed clean
No single drop had gone to waste

He’d sucked the cat, the crown of thorns
To lick the streets delight, not toil
He’d gnawed that juicy wooden cross
And snorted from Golgotha’s soil

“I lay me down, but will not sleep
I preyed (Haha!) this soul I’ll keep
I’m full; I’m high; I’m wide awake
No power on earth this soul can take!”

The One enthroned in heaven laughed
He scoffed; and with a mighty hand
He rolled the grave’s stone from its mouth
Sin’s gorge ’tween God and man was spanned

Exquisite hours of gloating glee
Turned sour with the rising sun
As indigestion wracked galled grave
All heaven cheered the rising Son

From Adam’s bite ’til now, proud grave
Had reigned unchallenged, stinging all
Until God’s footprint on his gut
Disarmed the curse, declawed the Fall

Confronted with blind grave’s deceit
Confined in sin’s dark citadel
The Son of God in battle gear
Tore down the gates and vanquished Hell

The blood of Jesus, cruelly shed
The sins of multitudes effaced
The scarlet ransom paid in full
No single drop has gone to waste

The sting is drawn, the vict’ry won
My Jesus lives for ever more!
His resurrection proves He is
The Way, The Truth, The Life, the Door.