Einstein and Chief Sitting Bull
(Whose middle name was ‘Talking’)
Were chatting about physics
(As they did when they went walking)
They passed an advert
For an Injun singing competition
Which they thought a good diversion
From discussing nuclear fission
So they took their seats and, for a while,
Forgot their work completely
Marshmallow Cake and Melted Choco-
late were singing sweetly
The judges gave them higher marks
Than all their predecessors
But the next three acts were rather poor
And so the two professors
Got bored and turned their minds again
To matters scientific
Until the final singer
Whose performance was terrific
His name was Enigmatic
And the audience was list’ning
With rapt attention to his haunting song
Their eyes a-glist’ning
But Einstein — not a sentimental
Chap — his eyes weren’t wetter
“Marshmallow Cake and Melted Choco-
late,” he drawled, “were better!”
“Oh Albert, you’re a sweet-toothed fool!”
Chief Sitting Bull declared
“It’s obvious to everyone:
’e equals MC squared!”