I think I’ll beat my child tonight
I must find some excuse
It makes me feel so powerful
When meting out abuse

I’ll make her beg, it stirs my heart
To hear her whimp’ring pleas
A girl must see her place in life
Is grovelling on her knees

This life is cruel – she ought to know –
It’s better learnt from me
Than someone else who doesn’t care
’Bout love and family

To spare the rod’s to spoil the child
(The only text I know)
But who am I to argue when
The Bible tells me so?

Distort her personality?
My word! I think you’ve flipped
Don’t tell me how to raise my kid
You meddlers should be whipped

A policeman? Come to take someone
Away? Who me? What for?!?
You can’t do that – I know my rights
Don’t push me out the door!

My wife, my kids, what will they do
Without me? Huh? Get well??
I’ll teach them not to feign disease
When I get out this cell