The average wife loves the hard-working life
She smiles when he leaves all the chores for her
Why! she only got wed to put sheets on his bed
And to stop him from opening doors for her

The feminine spouse loves a spick-and-span house
She can clean it and scrub it for hours
Why! she only said yes, she will freely confess,
To prevent him from sending her flowers.


The blushing young bride, it cannot be denied,
Wants a cooking and baking career
Why! she only got hitched so that she could be ditched
For his buddies who buy him his beer.


His precious princess never needs a new dress –
She makes all her own clothes, I should mention –
Why! she jumped off the shelf to be all by herself
And be rid of his flatt’ring attention.


His marital mate works her butt off till late
Looking after the kids he sired for her
Why! she walked up the aisle so that after a while
He’d get bored and completely ignore her.


Young men, I declare, if you’re wooing, Beware!
For the lady you’re courting with passion
Expects your endeavour to continue for ever
In dotingly similar fashion!


From “A Pun – My Word!”