Mumbo the jumbo’s a bit of a dumbo
Though elephants shouldn’t, he’s apt to forget
Why, two weeks last Thursday he missed his wife’s birthday –
She hasn’t forgiven him yet!

His favourite tree is, well, somewhere, but he is
Not sure if it’s east, west or downwind from here
His vague intuition would breed malnutrition
If nobody dared interfere

His most famous bungle?  The king of the jungle
Requested his presence one Tuesday at nine
When Mumbo arrived it was Friday at five – it
Did not go down well with the lion!

His wife supplicates him and ofttimes berates him
But to her frustration, it helps not a jot
Though hoping and praying, she still hears him saying,
“I’m sorry, my dear, I forgot.”

So if you go trav’lling, intent on unrav’lling
Which jumbo is Mumbo, the elephant lunk
Beside the Zambesi you’ll spot him with ease,
He’s the one with the knot in his trunk.


From “Chryme and Punishment”