Candy the cat said to Randy the rat
We should go into business together
You round up the mice – three or four would be nice
And we’ll feast like two birds of a feather

Candy’d heard of the plight of three mice short of sight
That the farmer’s wife once had got cross with
“You should catch them post-haste, you will só love their taste
And we’ll also have mouse tails to floss with”

Off went the rat keen to humour the cat
So he’d be in her good books for ever
With no hint of a hunch she might eat him for lunch
And she’d praise him for all his endeavour

Candy told of the strife but omitted the knife
So the rat thought, “I’m on to a winner!”
He was feeling quite calm as he entered the farm
To procure three blind mice for their dinner

With a swaggery stroll he approached the mice hole
Unaware of impending rough waters
’Cos the wife with the knife sought to take Randy’s life
And the blade barely missed his hind quarters

’Mongst the farmer’s wife’s things is a harp with three strings
That she plays when in need of some cheering
Now a fourth one she’ll add cos she’s really quite mad
And she thinks that it looks so endearing

With his supper hunt failed and his body curtailed
And his hopes dashed of friendship with Candy
He returned to complain ’bout the trap and the pain
But that night’s dinner menu was Randy

Bandy the bat heard that Randy the rat
Had moved into a house near the steeple
He’ll visit tonight, ’cos it’s out of the light
And he likes to steer clear of the people

One fine summer morn half an hour after dawn
A belligerent bat broke his curfew
Not the rule-keeping sort, Bandy found himself caught
In the claws of a cat with the bird flu

Emitting a squeal that said, “I’m not a meal”
Bandy strove to break free from his captor
In a trice Randy rat rescued Bandy the bat
From the paws of the devilish raptor

That was two years ago but as all best friends know
Although, at the time, they are rotten
Experience shows that however life goes
Such bravery’s never forgotten

So late one dark night when the perilous plight
Of his buddy caught Bandy’s attention
With his radar on ‘high’ Bandy started to fly
With his colony filled with intention

To rescue the rat who once rescued a bat
What a story they’d heard round the campfire
Told by Bandy the bat about Randy the rat –
And now Candy the cat is a vampire