Airy the fairy has armpits so hairy
Strands get in the way of his wings
They flap in his face when he tries to embrace
And they tickle his throat when he sings

Despite all his trying, his failure at flying
Breeds abject frustration that shows
His nerves get all jangled, his wings get entangled
And he lands on the end of his nose

His girlfriend, Rebecca, is quite a good necker
Though Airy may never find out
When he tries to kiss her those hairs prejudice her
And she flees with a hair-raising shout

He tries to audition – fulfill his ambition
To sing in the Fairyland choir
He starts serenading, those hairs start invading
And his choral desires expire

No more disillusion, nor hirsute confusion
He’ll do it and that will be that
It’s off to the harbour to visit the barber
And he’s having them done in a plait!

From “Chryme and Punishment”