Clara the Clairvoyant has
The most ginormous shiner
If you could see it you would say
You’ve never seen one finer
Although a very cheerful soul,
Today she’s rather grumpy
As you’d expect from one whose face
Is ludicrously lumpy

Invited to a conference
As guest and keynote speaker
She spoke of balance, give and take,
Of water in a beaker
Half full, half empty, glass too large —
It’s all in one’s perspective
Another person’s views and plans
Can also be effective

The Federation Of OutLandish Schemers
Was delighted
Her jolly manner suited F.O.O.L.S. —
That’s why she’d been invited
Some took her words to heart
As they began deliberating
Their frequency of meeting
Was the cause of much debating

One schemer said, “If Clara comes,
Let’s hold our meetings weekly!”
But the chairman, shrewder than the others
Read this statement meekly:
“Every six is not enough,
While every month is tedium
So we’ve decided ‘quarterly’,
To strike a happy medium.”

The backhand came like lightning
And it caught their guest off-balance
Rapid-reflexed self-defence
Was not one of her talence
She sat and cursed, perspective warped,
Her swollen eyelids thrumming
What rankled her the most
Was that she didn’t see it coming